Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!!

Well, another year is about to go into the history books and I'm so glad its behind us! 2011 wasn't exactly a bad year, not even a particularly long one, but its been one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) year of my life! I have always been proud to be an Army wife but never so much as I am after surviving a deployment with "2 under 2!"

I have learned so much about myself this year and become such a stronger person. I have made some amazing friends and sadly had to end two of the longest friendships of my life. But, these friends have all contributed to making me who I am, and therefore I am so thankful that all of them have been a part of my life!

Now that the hubby has returned we can focus on the future. I have a few very exciting events to look forward to this year, from dear friends welcoming their long awaited babies, to finishing my MAS... finally!! lol As I enter this year (my last in my 20s!)I am finally able to look back and be completely happy with the path I've taken thus far and with what I see for my family's future! Most of all I've learned some very important lessons from a very unlikely source, Kate Gosslin! (But to hear those you'll have to wait until I have the time and energy to write that blog! ha!)