Thursday, September 20, 2012

Potty Training 3.0

Well, we've been here before, but this time I have the pleasure of saying Keirnan is finally getting it! Its not an easy 3 day process, but we are making progress none the less!

We started Monday and it was a very long day full of fights and some good points. The goal of the day was to get Keirnan to understand this is it and I am in charge! I think we both figured out I might pretend to be in charge, but his bladder really is what's controlling everything! lol I think we went through the entire pack of Super Hero underwear that day!

Tuesday Keirnan had preschool, so he went in that morning in underwear!! He did fabulous and stayed dry not only through school, but through lunch out with Daddy! We did have an accident that morning before leaving and a couple more in the afternoon. The big problem is he doesn't want to poop on the potty!

Wednesday we had a play date at a friend's house and again Keirnan went in underwear, went on the potty there, and stayed dry through lunch! The afternoon was much like Tuesday, a few accidents. The problem seems to be he doesn't want to tell me he needs to go, so if I don't catch him and get him to the potty, he'll just go in his pants. He doesn't like it, but is being stubborn in connecting the two!

Thursday was preschool day again and again he did great. At lunch he said he had to go, and then went in the potty!! I thought we'd finally hit our breakthrough moment. I was wrong. I knew I needed to get him on the potty again mid afternoon, but got distracted while we played outside during nap time and he had an accident. I'm not surprised as like I said, he doesn't tell me before he goes. He had another accident after dinner while was a straight out him not wanting to cooperate. The rest of us were all still eating when he said he was done and headed off to play. As he walked away I asked him if he needed to go and he said no. Not 5 minutes later (literally) he was coming back with wet pants! Needless to say, I wasn't happy and he knew it! He did go on the potty before bed, and he has stayed dry in underwear all night every night this week! Leave it to my kid to do this backwards!

The biggest thing I've figured out, but am still working out, is he doesn't need to go first thing in the morning. Usually about a half hour after he wakes up. But with our busy mornings we've had a miss each day! He will go on the potty a tiny bit each day, and then when I finally give and have to get in the shower so we're not late he goes in his pants! guess what that means, we've been late every day!

I think we are definitely making serious progress though, and diapers and pull ups are a thing of the past. Its just going to take some time to get my boy to give fully over and 'get it!' Oh, and pooping might take a bit longer too! Ewww!

As for James and how he's handling the potty, well he's just silly! He gets excited every time Keirnan gets on the potty because he gets an M&M! He has also tried himself a few times. No success there yet, but we'll see. He is only 22 months, so I'm not so worried yet. But could you imagine going from 2 in diapers with one of the way to 2 in underwear with a baby!?! How sweet that would be!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Dear Drama Queen

Dear Drama Queen,

I just need to get out this absolute need to laugh at you and your amazing ability to be such a drama queen at about 30 years old. I find it hilarious that, though I have done nothing to hurt you, I did apparently offend you. Apparently we're in grade school again and you can't just talk to me, rather you have to go behind my back and tell all our friends. Whatever, such is life.

But, your need to not just unfriend me on FB, rather to block me so I can't see what you put on your FB, really? That's just childish. Oh you weren't done, you mean you have to go further and when I finally see you, you ignore me completely but do make a comment about how you have to block people on FB because you don't want them to know what you're doing. Wow, just wow.

I always knew you were a bit of a drama magnet, but ignored it because you were a good friend to me, but really you're not actually that important to me at this moment for me to care to deal with your pettiness. Its time for me to move on because I don't play these games.

I wish you them best in life, and hope you learn to find joy and happiness again for the sake of yourself and your family.  I also thank you for all you have done for me and my family over the past years. You were a good friend while it lasted.