Monday, November 21, 2011

I Must Be Crazy!!

From the time Will and I got married we agreed we only wanted two children! (I had grand plans of having twins- 1 boy and 1 girl so I could get it all out of the way at once! lol Talk about naieve!) Well, now we have two amazing little boys and I am so grateful that God has given me these little blessings. But, I've been coming more and more to the conclusion that I want another!

Its not so hard to understand why the Duggars have so many children. I  would gladly keep going and having children until I was officially cut off, but I am not nearly as patient as Michelle Duggar, nor are we financially able to afford that many children, especially with the military lifestyle! Could you imagine living in on post housing with even 8 kids?!?! I have friends who have 4 or 5 and its tight and they usually live off post just to have room for everyone! So, now I am working on getting my husband to agree to try for a third, and he's not putting up much of a fight! :)

I had a friend ask me today about us wanting a third, since she (as well as most our friends and family) knows we've always just wanted two. But, even after going through a deployment with "two under two" I have to say I want another. I figure that's the best indicator that I am not going to pass on this feeling!

So, we are currently looking to start trying again in about a year. It will give us about 3-5 months to get me pregnant before Will's next deployment. We are aiming for him missing most of the pregnancy and being home for the first year. (Since deployments are going down to 9 months!) We do know timing is everything and pretty much if I get pregnant any time other than the month he leaves then he will more than likely miss the birth, but we want him to be here for the first year! (And he wants to miss the pregnancy since I have reletively easy pregnancies other than the long lasting morning sickness and become mega-bitch!)

So, with this plan in mind, we have a year before we really have to decide if we are going to go for it and have number three. For now I will pray that God gives us the strength and wisdom to know what is right for our family!)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm Thankful For...

As we start the month of November and close in on Thanksgiving I am going to write something I'm thankful on each day of the month. I'll admit I'm not original in this as I had a bunch of friends do it last year on their Facebook pages, but I don't want to clog up everyone's FB, so I'll do it in a post here. I will update this every day this month with what I am thankful for each day! I'm sure they will range from sappy to funny, to sarcastic! But, here goes nothing!!

I am thankful for...

1. Having my husband home!! He arrived home on Oct. 22 and we are all adjusting to him being home pretty well!

2. Having amazing friends!! This morning we had a great breakfast get together and surprise baby shower and this afternoon I had girl time with one of my closest friends!

3. My Mothers! Today at Mops our devotional was about the story of Ruth and getting along with our mothers in law. If not for my MIL my husband would not have been born, so I am thankful for her giving me the gift of a lifelong love and friend!

4. Bedtime! I love my boys with all my heart, but some days they are a handful, like today! I am thankful for bedtime, when we go through our routines and calm down from the day. James still only has a very short bedtime routine, but Keirnan's is one of my favorite times of each day! We get his allergy meds, then read 3 books curled up together in his bed. He picks the first, and then we follow with "That's Not My Plane" and "My Daddy and I." We give each other a big hug and kiss and as I leave I hear "Night Mommy, see you in the morning!" There is nothing more darling thn hearing that from my 2 1/2 year old!!

5. Date Night! I am thankful for having some alone time with my hubby for us to reconnect and just be together! Tonight we are going to Umi's Japanse Steak House and wandering around Target to finish James' birthday shopping! I am excited to spend my Saturday evening in this way. It may be pretty tame, but it suits me just right!!

6. Clothes that fit and a good body image! I don't know how I've managed to, but I am overall very happy with how I look. There are small things I would like to work on, but when I look in the mirror I usually like what I see!!

7. Today I am thankful for the CDC. Its costing me $10 for a no show fee, since I scheduled the boys for the wrong day and didn't take them, but I'm glad we have the option for hourly care!

8. Today I am thankful that the Commissary is almost finished! Now I just need to figure out where they've moved everything!!

9. Having the money to not only buy diapers for my boys, but to reorder them when I get the wrong size!! (And that I got Keirnan's in the wrong size so James can use them instead of the other way around!!)

10. Today I'm thankful for healthy babies!! Keirnan is exactly 2 1/2 today! We found out a good friend is pregnant, and another finally had her gender reveal!! With all this talk of babies, we have of course, been talking about the possibility of going for a full house! (In other words, a girl!!) I am thankful for both my boys, and that God has blessed our family with them!

11. Girls Night! I am thankful for having a husband who is willing to take on the boys at their witching hour and putting them to bed so I can go out with the girls. I am also thankful for having friends to go out and have an enjoyable evening with!

12. I am thankful for treats! Even though I am so thankful for having the opportunity to take my boys trick or treating, I am so thankful we are down to one piece of candy, or as Keirnan says, treats! It is a new experience for us to have him go this crazy over something! And I am ready for him to understand that they are gone!

13.  That my boys are healthy! It is flu season and I have a lot of friends whose children are being knocked down by the flu. I am so thankful it hasn't reached us yet! I am being cautiously optimistic that it won't come through the house this year!

14.  Lazy days at home!! Today was a much needed rest day for all of us after James' birthday party yesterday! We did a whole lot of nothing and it felt great!

15. Today I am thankful for James having a good doctor! His 1 year appt was today and she was great! She said he is developing and looks great. The only worry is his height and weight have fallen off the charts. He is barely bigger than he was between 3-6 months ago! She said its probably just a high metabolism since he eats like a cow, but she ordered a blood test for him and put in a referral to see a dietitian to help me make the most of what he eats!

Wow, I guess I really slacked on that one! lol Oops! Well, overall I am thankfully for everything I have in my life; my husband, my children, my parents, and my friends! I am truely blessed!