Sunday, May 22, 2011

If you're lazy and you know it...

Well, just continue watching TV and playing on the computer! So, I am trying this for the um-teenth time this week! Lets see how far I get before the wonder baby wakes up! So, Will left awhile ago, or so I thought. He actually left under 3 weeks ago! Holy Crap, can time go any slower!? No wonder I have had such a short fuze lately!! The difference between the first half of the deployment and these first coule weeks of the second half are like night and day- complete opposites! (I am not attracted to this difference either!) So, here are the differences:

Half 1:
- Dinners were planned out and we actually ate pretty well. This in itself is a major feat for a variety of reasons. The most important being that I don't cook!! Seriously, Will has done the cooking in this family since he kicked me out of the kitchen while we were still dating!
- I kept busy and had something to look foarward to each month without really even looking for it!
- The housework was actually getting done immediately! Again, not one of my strong points, especially with two little monsters constantly demanding my attention!

Half 2:
- I made a plan for dinners the last two weeks, but only did about half of them!
- I have nothing in the upcoming months to look forward to as short term goals.
- The boys are driving me so ragged that getting the house picked up is about as good as I am getting! The only room in this house reletively clean is the kitchen because I just can't cook without a clean kitchen!

So, here it is we've started a real countdown at 5 months to go! I'm counting down to Halloween, knowing its a give or take sort of thing!

The boys are driving me insane. James has become pretty clingy, which I know is a regular stage, but with Keirnan crashing into the terrible twos, my hands have been full! Its gotten to a point where I feel like I am always on edge! So, now I am trying to get my deployment mojo back. I'm hoping one step at a time will get my groove back! First is figuring out how to get Keirnan to stop ignoring me!! Next, will be figuring out what to look forward to each month! Following steps and having a plan is the only way I get anything done. I seriously cannot function without lists!

So, please pray for my insanity! I am tired and starting to lose my train of thought to go any further! Maybe I'll go into more detail about the laziness I orionally meant to discuss later! Good night!!

Holy Texas Toast!

I've never used that one before, but Keirnan has developed a major attitude that I swear is the size of Texas!! So, here I am starting a third blog for this week and for the third time just as I start James decides to start making noise!! Seriously!? I think the boys are conspiring against me!! My parents will be here in a few days and I am so excited for the diversion! Since Will left its been crazy! No wonder why they say after R&R is the worst part of a deployment! I might pull my hair out by the end of the month! My new mantra is: Only 5 more months!! I swear I chant it to myself multiple times each day as I try desperately not to go berserk on the boys!! Well, off I go to get James from the evils of his crib!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Big Week!!

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I got lots of love from my boys and we went to the lake for a picnic with some friends. It was a beautiful day and Keirnan had a blast playing on the playground! He did skin his knee up, but was such a big boy about it! I guess its the first of many, I'm sure! For dinner I made a new chicken dish I wanted to try. It was easy and yummy, and Keirnan ate it!! What better present than one kid actually eating what I make, and the other coming off his growth spurt! (And thus letting me sleep!)

Tomorrow is a double special day, first up is our anniversary! We have been married 8 years! Wow, we are closing in on 10 pretty quick here! I am sad we won't be together for our day, but tonight we have a skype date and that will have to suffice until he comes home! Either way, I am proud that we have made it this far. There were so many who didn't think we would and each year we happily add to the count makes me so proud! My husband is my best friend, and when he isn't here, I am missing a part of me- the best part. What we have together is special, because I married my best friend!

Tomorrow is Keirnan's 2d birthday! I can't believe he will be 2! Boy, time flies! And sometimes I forget he is only 2! He is such an amazing little boy and I am so proud of the person he is developing into! Though he has his moments, and proves regularly that he has my temper! lol I love that little stinker with all my heart! We aren't doing anything special since we had his party while Will was home 2 weekends ago. It was a bit cool, but a pretty nice day at the park, and he had a great time on the train and playground with his friends! Everything turned out amazingly!!

Here is a general shot of the party! I took a regular "Happy Birthday" sign and printed off "Chuggington" pictures to put over the end and center pieces.

My own little engineer playing on the train they have right there in the park!

And this is the cake! It was super yummy! I got the edible icing picture from an Ebay store called OhToppers and the Commissary did the actual cake! I was in love with how it turned out!

I still need to get a picture of the gift bags, but they were blue and lime green paper bags with red and yellow tissue paper respectively, and a "Chuggington" picture on the front. I promise a picture will be coming eventually! :P

And Friday James will be 6 months old!! He started sitting up on his own right before Will left and has jut gotten better and better at it! He still over corrects and gets tired after a bit, both resulting in him falling over! But he really seems to love the new view!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lost: My Butt! If Found, Please Return to owner!

So, I have been thinking most of this the past month or so, but it seems to be a very controversial view point, so if you start, please hear me out! I am fat- I am not obese, but I am fat! Yes, I know you are asking how a 5'4" female, who weighs in at 125lbs can be fat, but please hold all questions and comments to the end! Also, this is something I am putting here, because I can't really discuss it with many of my friends. I have a friend who has lost an amazing amount of weight by working out and eating right. While she may still have 40-50lbs on me, I know she can out run me, and out everything else me! Yet, she will still look at the two of us together and see me as the healthier person! (That is what is wrong with our society, its the pits!)

As you can tell, I have never had a problem admitting my weight. (even pregnant! Keirnan topped me out at 152, and James 148) I am proud that I am a small person. I am, however, not proud that I am a lazy person. Though, I have no problem admitting it! It is one of the things I hate most about myself!

So, James will be 6 months old next week! (Holy cow, time flies!) Well, I am back down to under my pre-pregnancy weight, but its all fat! I don't think I have any muscle beyond the bare minimums to function left in me! I do however have a decent amount of fat. My arms are small, but they flab when I wiggle them, what's left of my butt jiggles, and Keirnan has a fun new game that involves squeezing and wiggling my stomach flab! He thinks its great- me, not so much!

This is why I say I am fat, because everything on me is fat. And isn't that what qualifies a person as fat? I know I am not obese, and other than being jiggly and being about ready to call in the guard to find my missing rear end, I have a good self image. (In fact, overall, I like what I see in the mirror more now than I ever have before! Especially in my new jeans that seem to lift my thighs into the general vicinity of my butt and thus make it look like I have a rather cute one! Ah, the power of jeans!)

So, what all this tells me is apparently, though I didn't know it, I had one hell of a toned ass, since it is now MIA along with all the rest of my muscle, and that I really need to get into shape! So, Will's honey do list for R&R was very short- only 4 things! The top of that list was rearrange the family room to fit my elliptical in so I can be lazy in front of the TV! Now, isn't that the best idea?! I think so! Now, I just have to find time to get to use it! Since I am writing this tonight, maybe I'll try it out tomorrow while I watch my Thursday evening shows! See, told you I am lazy!

I am really looking forward to getting back in shape, and have been wanting to go to the gym, but with the boys, its a PITA. We do have a "Mommy Cardio Room," but its just cardio, with no room to do anything, like stretch! And since I have an elliptical at home, really what's the point!? So, I like to think, if Will were home I would be able to go for real in the evenings. It would give me some alone time and I'd get back in shape, but that can't happen for 6 more months! (BTW, we're half way through our deployment!!) And I really don't want to wait that long! So, my own elliptical it is. The goal is to tone myself back up, lose the wiggles and the jiggles, and either find, or replace my missing butt! I don't even mind gaining a few pounds in the process! After all, muscle weighs more than fat!