Friday, August 9, 2013

We bought a house... And a swimming pool!?

After hearing that Will would not be leaving Ft. Riley anytime in the near future we decided to start looking at buying a house in the local community that we'd come to fall in love with, Chapman. It's a true one stoplight town and has a pretty good school system, so we started looking. We set our budget, and decided that if it was meant to be, it would happen.

 Well, we found a couple places we liked and one we loved. Unfortunately, the one we loved was about $10k over the budget we'd set for ourselves. The morning after looking at the places we liked I jumped online and found the place we loved had dropped in price by a lot! It was now not only in our budget, but was the cheapest! We put in our offer.

Don't worry, we asked the same question you're asking- what's wrong with the house!? It was a short sale going into foreclosure! We decided to go ahead anyway. We had awesome realtors and really, how hard can it be, we sold our house in WA as a short sale (thank you economy and army!) and the process wasn't that bad. 

Skipping all the boring details, dealing with a selling bank wasn't too bad, even if it was Chase. I think our expecting the worst out of them helped! Lol the troubles all came from the VA and our bank. I'll skip all the messy details, if you're on my Facebook you already know them anyway! I learned a lot from this, we will never again use a large bank for our mortgage. More often than not, you can get a better rate and more personal attention from a small local bank. Proof is when USAA got really bad at one point, we went to the local bank and their mortgage processor sat down with me, went through everything we'd done so far, and than told me to stay with our bank at that point! She didn't have to do any of that, but she did and it thought me a valuable lesson. 

So, after 2 months and a LOT of hassle, we finally got our house at the end of June! As I mentioned, we asked what was wrong with it for such a price drop. Well... The previous owner was a moron is the biggest issue we've had. Lol Literally, at least once a week I find myself asking what was that man thinking!?! 

So, we've gotten all settled and just as I'm thinking we're ready to start tackling the first big project, finishing the downstairs basement, the rains start and the power goes out. Just that quickly we realize we need to hold off just a bit more and get a backup on the sump pump. Ok, no problem. That will be a quick fix next weekend. Only problem is very early Friday morning the power goes out while we're in the middle of a bad storm! (Flash flood warning in effect for our area!) yeah, if you know anything about sump pumps, you know where this is going. Yeah... 200 Gallons of water later and we no longer have a basement, it's an indoor splash pad!!

Owen's finally sleeping through the nights  most nights. Thankfully, that night he woke up and Will was just coming back to bed when the power went out. We watched the sump well overflow in a matter of minutes. The pit was working properly it seemed and the overflow was going down a drain into the sewer system. Yes, we're going to be ok. 

Nope,  it was too much and the pipes out of our house couldn't keep up I guess. Backed up and water came out everywhere! It wasn't pretty, but at least we were awake at 3am and were able to start moving everything into the garage. We saved everything!!! Ok, a couple boxes of books got damp but no personal property is being filed on our claim! 

It's been a week since the great basement flood. We've found an amazing carpet guy, and gotten the carpets dried out. As it stands now, we managed to save all of the carpet and maybe even a good bit of the padding. BTW, we put the carpet and padding in when we bought the house! Barely a month old! Will also got the battery backup on the sump pump so we don't have to worry about the power going out again. And we have someone coming to finish the carpet Monday. Yay, we can get back to living elsewhere than in my bedroom! I've also got a guy coming to fix the drainage for good as soon as the rain dries out enough for him!!

So, this has been trying experience after trying experience, but I've learned so much and we truly love our new house!