Sunday, June 30, 2013

Allergy induced Eczema solved!

We think we have finally figured out Owen's eczema and what's causing his flare ups- his stuffed animals!

Even after seeing the dermatologist a couple months ago, Owen was still having really bad flare ups if his eczema. I felt horrible because we were doing everything the doctor told us to do, and that's a pretty big list!
   - he's to only wear cotton
   - keep him inside on high pollen days
   - don't use detergents, soaps, or lotions with dyes or fragrances.
   - don't use dryer sheets of any kind
   - only use cetaphil to wash him with and don't use a wash cloth
   - apply eucerine 4+ times a day
   - use a mild steroid when he starts to get red and on his face
   - use a slightly more potent steroid on his body for bad flare ups
   - lukewarm baths every night and pat dry (as opposed to rubbing him with the towel!)
   - and Zyrtec every night

Oh, let me mention that the detergents one is for our entire house, not just Owen!!

As you can imagine, this has taken a lot of work the past couple months, but whatever it takes! The worst was knowing it was allergy induced but not being able to figure out what the allergy was to! (I prayed it wasn't the dogs as getting rid of them would have torn the other boys apart!)

Almost immediately I figured out that just the couple hours in the church nursery at nap time would set him off, but I attributed it to the detergent used. We also figured out a couple other things as we practiced this new 'way of life.'

But, we still couldn't figure out what the trigger was- until last week! My amazing husband finally figured out the clue that gave it away. Owen was only breaking out/ getting his rash on the visible parts of his body. That takes out food allergies, the dogs, and his washing and laundry. 

With such a reduced list, it became easy to run through those things that he does not wear, but comes into contact, with on  a regular basis!

Will then had a second break through, it's worse after he's been playing with his black Build-A-Bear teddy that we made him. After looking at what teddy is made of, we decided to take away all items that are not cotton or organically produced. 

We'll, you know where this is going- it worked! Owen has been mostly polyester free for a week now and he looks amazing!! (He still has one cheek that's bad, but that's the one he wipes/ scratches when he's tired and/or upset and hasn't given it time to heal!) 

In figuring this all out we've had to weed out every plush toy we have, all his blankets except recieving blankets, and a lot of his clothes. (Especially his pjs!) Polyester is in a LOT of stuff!! So now, we've got to find a new lovey and blankets that are 100% cotton and don't cost an arm and a leg!

Not only is all that not cotton, but carpets aren't cotton, and neither is Owen's carseat!! I know that once we get unpacked I'll be making an overly large blanket/rug to go on the floor wherever we go and contacting his carseat company to see if they make, or can make, a slipcover type piece for his carseat padding that doesn't make his entire carseat 'unsafe' and void the warranty! Wish us luck on this new journey, I think we're really going to need it!

During a recent flare up.

 And yesterday, almost a week without polyester!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

TurboFire, Part 2

Like everything else, I forgot to post my after pictures and thoughts. We'll, here they are!

TurboFire was amazing! I hated Chaleane and I don't love it as much as I do Rockin' Body and SeanT. But it was fun most the time and I accomplished my goals!

I ended up getting a scale finally, though I've chosen to hide it in the closet from both myself and the boys. This way I'm not inclined to step on every single day and become obsessed with my weight! It works for me and I only got on once a week. 

Well, as I said I accomplished my goal to get back to pre pregnancy weight and am back in my before Owen clothes! Now my only problem is I can't wear most of them because I'm nursing him and they aren't easily accessible! Lol

Well, I am getting ready to start my second round of TurboFire on the 24th and my goal this time is to tone up all the jiggly spots. (Tummy, love handles, underarms, and thighs.) 

Oh and my other goal was to start running again and do a few 5ks. Well, I did them! Lol. I did a 5k mud run that kicked my butt but was awesome, then a  2 mile Superhero run and a 2 mile Run for the Fallen. All three were in a one week period and it took awhile to recover. 

Now I need to keep up the running. When my friend gets home from her upcoming deployment next year we'll be going to Florida for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in the Fall! 

So, new workout goals:
1. Tone up my midsection.
2. Start running to prepare for half in Nov. 2014!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Keirnan's 4th Birthday!!

Wow, I could have sworn I had done this. Oops! Well, better late than never, so here it is...

My little soldier finally had his "Bad Guy Birthday Party." His Army party was what I would consider a success. Keirnan had picked out months ago the theme for his party, and I had nothing more to do than make it happen. Ha, easier said than done!

First I started gathering all the cool basic party supplies from Walmart for the grand 'ol price of a dollar a package! Go me! Then it was time to figure out games and cake.

For the cake I decided to make camo cupcakes which I found on... you guessed it- Pinterest! They were surprisingly easy and a big hit! The recipe called for camo icing too, but seeing as the cupcakes were already so cute and it was a party of under 4 kids mostly, I decided to forego the icing.

For Christmas last year my parents got Will some grenade and Army symbol mold trays from a gun show that we finally used to make chocolates with. They fit so perfectly and we ended up putting them on the cupcakes!

Tell me those aren't awesome!! 

For games we had a tank piƱata and made an obstacle course. The course went through the swing set and sandbox, then across some tires we borrowed from a local auto shop and ended at the camo covered dog box where the kids had to fire the nerd gun at a target on the fence. All the kids had a great time and we just recently were allowed to take the obstacle course down!
Swing across the rope. Climb up the rope ladder and slide down into the sandbox on your belly. Low crawl out of the netting and then run through the tires. Go through the 'wire' and shoot the target.

As Keirnan's birthday is in May, we never know what the weather will be like here, but it was fabulous. (Thank God since we had no room for everyone inside!)

Anyway, that's the highlights of the birthday boys fabulous party! Next up is James' birthday in November. He's already decided it'll be a "cowboy birthday party!"