Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am old!!

I remember when I was a kid, I thought 28 would mean I was a 'real' adult and make me old. I decided on this amazing age probably because it would be my age at my 10 year high school reunion! Who knows why I do anything, really?! Well, I have now been 28 for a whopping 2 months and a few days now, and boy was I right!!

I am old! Why, do you ask, do I think I am old? Well, it started with something happening this morning, I don't remember what, and my thinking "that will make an excellent blog topic!" I remember that happened three separate times today, but for the life of me I can't remember what the crap I wanted to share with everyone! Apparently, it was blog worthy at the time though. And I'm sure it will be again at 3am when I remember everything from the previous day while my son happily eats his midnight snack! But like a dream, when I wake up in the morning, I will once again be clueless as to what this amazing experience was!

People told me when I had kids my brain would just seep out my ears and fall to the ground. I think it more than likely got washed down the drain when I took my daily showers! As I was slowly losing the blond hair I grew up with, I apparently lost my mind also! I bet you don't hear that too often do you!? I got dumber as my hair got darker! But, its true and I did!

I now am told by other, more experienced mommies, that its "Mommy Brain" and very common. Well, ya think!? So this is my ramblings about how I don't remember what I wanted to share with everyone today.

But, since we're on the topic of my 10 year high school reunion... (You remember, we're on that topic, I mentioned it way up top!) I have to mention how a friend of mine from days long gone recently told me she never pictured me being the type to settle down and have a family, or to be a stay at home mom. Funny, I was always the mommy type, but I never did either. In high school, all my friends thought I should be a guidance counselor since they all came to me for advice, to vent, to mediate, etc. In college I was the "mom" of our group.

Dude, I remember!! Oh shit, now I forget! See this is how it works, my brain teases me. For a split second I remembered what it was I originally forgot!

So, anyway, back to what I was saying... I was the "mom" in college. Unless I was having a really bad day and decided to drink, I was always the DD. I was always the one to recognize a friend was having issues and force them to talk about it until they felt better. (part of that is I'm just nosy, but shh, don't tell!) I am a problem solver, I like to help people! Almost to the point where I need help! And, if you ask my friend Ashley, I even dressed like the mom. I've gotten better! (I am a lot like Kate Gosslin in that, my wardrobe has gotten better as the number of kids I have has grown!)

So, maybe back as a kid I wasn't the mother type, and I just didn't see the change because it was gradual. But, I did agree that I never pictured myself as a SAHM. I thought I would go stir crazy. Well, I keep busy and drag my boys everywhere so I don't! But, anyway, all this is just to say I was surprised when she made that comment. Because, even as a kid I knew I would one day grow up to marry a military man and be a mom, albeit a working one! I love my life, and though its nowhere near where I thought it would be, I love the course my life is taking! And I am proud to say I am an Army wife. Because, though its not the most defining part of who I am, it is the largest part of who I am!

So, those are my ramblings for the day. And they really are ramblings aren't they?! I don't do very good at staying on topic, hence ramblings! I also write like I talk. I used to have a lot of professors try to make me change that in college, but one actually loved my writing style. She said it was refreshing to read a paper that sounded like I was right there speaking to her! OK, see there I go again. Good night!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We are counting down to R&R...

Which means we are counting up the number of things that can injure Keirnan or piss me off! lol Lets start with Keirnan's Monday and how everything happens in three's!

1. As we were leaving the house Keirnan fell head first down the stairs! I thought, seeing as he has been doing stairs on his own for 4 months now and has only slid a few times, we had somehow managed to get through this development without my gaining grey hair. He had a different idea! And I was right behind him, on the steps also, holding James. You think its bad watching your child fall down the stairs, try watching your child fall down the stairs and realizing that you can't even try to catch him! All I could do was run down them as he crumpled down and be there at the bottom when he stopped! He somehow managed to only gain a nice little shiner on his right eye!

2. Nap time lately has mainly been quiet playtime locked in his room. My wonderfully inquisitive little boy, who has an obsession with hats, decided his sand pail would make a great hat and the handle helped hold it quite nicely under his chin! All I can say is the boy somehow managed to get his big head through the handle and it was hanging from his neck when I opened his door! Thank God those plastic pails have handles that are detachable!

3. As if Keirnan's day had not been bad enough, lets add falling off the dining room chair into the mix! He fell on his nicely padded butt this time, so no worse for wear! Of course, he didn't see it that way!

So, this is the rule of three's and how my poor little man saw fit to enact said rule! (I probably have a few grey hairs now also!)

Tuesday and Wednesday are the piss me off days! I live on a small residential street with an elementary school on one end and 3, yup count them, 3 home day care providers on it! But the young soldiers who live in the apartment complex on the other side of the school see it necessary to fly up and down our street! I was doing the 30 mph speed limit when a moron in uniform flew around me and sped off down the street! I tell you I was of a mood that if I could have safely kept up with him, I would have followed him all the way to work and proceeded to chew out both him and his SGT! As it was, I lost him within a mile! He was easily doing 50mph!! See why I think ray guns should be allowed to be mounted on the front of my vehicle!? I would have taken care of that problem with the push of a single button!

Wednesday was the day we met Captain Obvious and the nurse I assume was trying for biggest bitch award!! We had a Dr. appt for Keirnan to get his allergy meds refilled at 8am. Seeing as my son is not a morning person, and his allergies have been bothering him, he was extra fun to deal with this morning! I was proud that we made it out of the house only running 5 minutes late! And I would have made it up on the way if I hadn't gotten stuck behind a dump truck refusing to go near the speed limit literally all the way into the CTMC parking lot! We walked in exactly 10 minutes late. I handed the guy up front my ID, told him the appt was for Keirnan and the appt time. His reply and I shit you not, "Do you know you are 10 minutes late?" Well yes, I did learn to tell time, so yes I can see that! I just not so politely responded to his dumb, and slightly pompass questions with "So...?" And he says, "Well, since you want to stay, you're going to have to wait longer." Well dude no shit!

Hehe, the nurse shuffling the papers up front didn't realize I was late and we got to go back right away. But, boy was that fun. Apparently, this nurse must not have kids, because she fully expected my not-quite-two-year-old to quickly walk up onto the scale to get weighed and then move over to get his height. Seriously? Her attitude went downhill about the time I set him on the scale and he promptly stepped back off! I ended up holding him there. Ok, getting his weight took all of 2 minutes instead of 1!! So, she got this great idea that it would be easier to hold him down on a bed to measure him than to put him against the wall and lower the bar to his head quickly to get his height. You see where this is going right?! I will be surprised if he doesn't completely freak out next time he has to go to the Dr. This lady's idea of getting my son's vitals was to pin him down on the bed!! And then, when he fought her, she got pissy about it! And you wonder why kids are afraid of the Dr. office!!

Anyway, I have never understood why my friends here don't like the Ft. Riley medical care- I understand now!!

The good part of the week came in the form of girl time yesterday morning and last night some friends came over to help me switch out our bedroom TV for the new one I bought last week! That was adventure! When you are replacing an old bulky TV, make sure you can lift it before getting the pretty new, light, LCD out of the box!! Yeah, I did it! So, we now have a new TV in the bedroom! And I repaid these friends with dinner! I had to try out the recipe I'm going to make Will on somebody!

So, that's been our week thus far! Definitely more action packed than usual!