Monday, February 13, 2012

My Rockin' Body Journey

I am starting week 4 (The final week) of the Rockin' Body program and its been nuts! Ok, really its been a lot of fun, though a bit stressful trying to fit it in everyday. I have really come to love getting in my 45 minutes (give or take) of working out each evening after the boys are in bed! And when it ends this Sunday, I will probably keep at it on a modified level!

What is Rockin' Body? Its one of the many programs by BeachBody, the makers of P90X. And its done by Sean T, who also does the Insanity workouts. He is pretty goofy, but so motivating! Most of their programs are a bit expensive, but this one is only $28, after shipping! I took beginning pictures but forgot to get measurements until a week into it. So, I'm a bit bummed about that, but still can't believe the difference between just a week into it and 3 weeks into it, a couple days ago when I measured myself!

In 2 weeks I lost half an inch in my chest and an entire inch from my waist (read love handles!!!), which I am so stoked about! I am hoping to get rid of the rest of the little bit of chub on my back and thighs so if we do decide to try for kiddo #3 I am down to a good starting place and am already conditioned for working out so I can continue into the pregnancy!

So, how will I be modifying my workouts next week once the program is done you ask? Well, I'll be dropping the dance videos because I am just so white I can't dance to save my life! lol I'll be keeping the "Rock it Out" 45 min. workout 2 nights a week, and the other 3 nights on the week I'll do the 10 minute Abs and 30 minute Booty Buster workouts. Weekends will be my 'rest' days. (maybe I'll go for a run! OMG)

I thought about jumping into TurboFire or Insanity, but decided I am not going to jump into that at the same time we *may* be starting to try to get pregnant! So, I will wait and see what comes with that and keep on keeping with this for now!

The best part of doing this this past month is, I started out having to do the 'modified' moves with no jumping and smaller lunges, but have been able to slowly move off it and am now fully doing each of the moves! I never thought my knees would be able to handle this high intensity type workout again, but I have slowly built them up this month and am so happy about it! Maybe once its all said and done, I'll post the before and after photos. Will, and even I, can see the difference already! I love it!