Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's already October!?!

Where in the world has time gone? This summer has been so busy with the house that it has truly flown by. So much updating to do, where to begin?

Well, I left off with the Great Basement Flood of 2013, so I'll start there. The basement is back together and better than ever. We ended up having to replace the padding but the carpet was good to go! We got everything moved back into the house and put back together again. Nothing like getting our money's worth out of our Homeowners insurance right away!!

We've even gotten the office painted and we're most the way done painting the guest room. We have a friend moving in with us next month for a couple months so it needed to be finished. Last week we called in a plumber to get an estimate on getting the basement bathroom finished. Yeah, so I though the plumbing was roughed in completely and we literally just had to 'finish' the bathroom. I was wrong. The drainage is there, but the plumbing into the bathroom is not. Our budget for this project just doubled!! Ouch. Needless to say that won't be happening this year! 

Keirnan started Pre-k this school year and is loving it. He goes on post for 3 hours every day during the week. I've had a hard time figuring out what to do with the younger boys and myself since it's not worth it in time or gas to drive home while Keirnan's at school. 

We also started Awana on Wednesday nights at church. We all love it. Keirnan is a cubbie and has a new verse to learn each week. James is a puggle and learns  something new each week also, thus far it's been "God made the..." They do a craft with it. The boys' space themed room now has the added decor of a rainbow, sun, and moon!

This last week Keirnan started his first real 'sport,' karate! He's doing ATA twice a week and so far loves it. Tonight is his first night since getting his uniform. There will be pictures!

We also finally got an allergy test done for Owen and found he's allergic to bananas and eggs. Since I am still nursing this means we are both having to stay away from all things containing these foods. I didn't realize how much I love eggs until I can't have them. Ok, not true- I've always known I love eggs!! And Owen loves bananas. I have been busy finding alternate recipes for foods that are 'Owen friendly.' This has been particularly hard as the number one replacement for eggs in cooking is... you guessed it- bananas! So, I found a lovely blog with the recipe for pancakes using the mix we already have but substituting the eggs with applesauce. Will made them a few days ago and they were lovely. This was a happy experiment as I didn't want to waste the mix we had or spend the extra time in the kitchen making 2 batches of everything. Its an experience for sure figuring all this out!

Speaking of Owen, he is now 10 months old and wearing 18 month clothes. The kid is huge! He doesn't even have cute little baby rolls. He's just as tall as he is wide, so he just looks older than he really is. He has started pulling up to standing this week and I even found him up a step this afternoon. Way to go Daddy for teaching him that!

Not to leave James out, my little force of nature is going to be turning 3 next month and is having a cowboy birthday party at a local farm. We're going all out this year since last year was a bit of a bust since I was about to pop with Owen! He is currently obsessed with all things cowboy and loves John Wayne. I have watched at least one John Wayne film everyday this month I think. Can you guess what he's going to be for Halloween!?!

So, that leaves Will and I. We are doing good. We've been working on cutting down our spending this month, which was proving hard until Owen and I got our No-egg orders. Now, with all the yummy goodness BK offers each morning out of the picture, its becoming easier!

Will did the Tough Mudder in Topeka last month and I'm so proud of him. He did great and the boys still talk about it and how they can't wait to do it too. Will has told me I'll be doing it with him in May after volun-telling him to do it this time. I am also apparently doing the Dirty Girl race in June and the Disney Wine and Dine next November. Its going to be a busy year for me so I am starting training now. I know I'll need all the help I can get!

So, that's about it. As I always say, I'm going to try getting on here more often, but we'll see how that goes. I at least downloaded the Blogger app on my phone so maybe I'll get to it for real!