Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Busy Fall Days

I know I suck at this, but hey, here's an update! :P

It's November 13, and my baby turned two today! I can't believe its been two years since James came rushing into the world. In the past two years we've been through a wonderful year of having Daddy home after a year long deployment. James is such an amazing little boy who is both loving and smart while being loud and opinionated to a fault! (He is my son!) We had his birthday party this past Saturday and a couple of good friends came to celebrate with us with an Imagination Movers party. It was a blast and at 37 weeks pregnant not too much for me to handle!

Yup, I'm 37 and a half weeks pregnant. Friday will be the point that I made it to when I had Keirnan and I'll admit I am ready for little Mr. Owen to get here. I am ready to have my body back and be able to sit comfortably again, but mainly I'm just so excited to meet this third little blessing I have been given! Due to a loss suffered in Will's unit, I will also say I'm a bit more anxious than I was with either of the boys to have him and watch him grow into a healthy little boy. We have everything ready to go for Owen and it's now just a waiting game. (Ok well, I haven't packed my bag yet!!)

A couple weeks ago James took his turn at researching how hot HOT can really be. He touched the stove just after I turned it off, resulting in a trip to the ER followed by a longer trip to Kansas City to Children's Mercy to see the burn specialist. They said he received a bad second degree burn to the pad of his palm and has been sporting a "flipper" for the past couple weeks. We took it off a day and a half ago and its doing great. Though there will be a bit of a scar, the specialist said he shouldn't suffer any limitations from it. I, on the other hand, am pretty sure there is some grey hair now mixed into the blond highlights!

Keirnan is finally potty trained!! Ok, well mostly! He has the peeing thing down with very few accidents for about two months now. Unfortunately, he is suffering from that first almost dip into the big potty while we were out once and is afraid to sit on the toilet, which means I still have to wipe his bum every day! (He's pooped on the potty a handful of times, each time getting me excited that maybe this time he'll realize the toilet isn't going to eat him!) Its a work in progress, but we're much further than we were during the summer, and down to one in diapers for a bit! James likes to sit on the potty after Keirnan every so often and shows other signs here and there but none are consistent enough to take that on at this time! So for now James is Keirnan's biggest potty fan!

Will's been in and out of the field the past few months which means the boys keep going through that evil transition period where they are unbelievable beasts each time Daddy leaves for a few days. Its pretty trying, and makes me wish they would just go out for a month straight like they use to do in Germany! But we are coming to the end of that and have enjoyed having him home the past month!

This weekend (Saturday, the day I hit 38 weeks pregnant) we are going to be taking our concealed weapons class that Will has been wanting to do. I figure it should be very interesting as the second half of the day is spent out on the range! The guy running the class is being awesome about it though and the guys have worked out a plan to get me on and off the range with the least amount of noise possible! Hopefully it all works out, and who knows, maybe it'll send me into labor and I'll get to meet my little man before Thanksgiving!

Well, that's about it for now. I'll do a post about the holidays another time. Thanksgiving is up in the air right now and we'll be driving to Virginia for Christmas, so there is plenty of opportunity for adventure just in the drive alone! (Two adults, 3 year old, 2 year old, and 2-4 week old boys, and two chocolate labs! God help us!)