Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What a week!

So, the plan is to cover a few points tonight. We'll see how far I make it! lol

1. This has been a major week for James. Sunday he said "dada" and Monday he took his first crawling 'steps!' Yay to two major milestones! I have to say I was more than a little excited, and to make it even better is that we were on Skype with Will when James started his crawling!! Last year, Will was very nonchalant about missing James' first year, but I know it has bothered him that he has missed some pretty major milestones, and most likely will miss a lot more in the next few months. But, I also know it was a major thing that he got to see that one milestone! I hope it made it a little easier being away!

2. I started P90X this week. Today was day 3 and I am so sore! I have muscles hurting that I didn't know existed. But this is the first time I have done an at-home, video type workout and even finished the first day, non-the-less continued into 3 days and am still excited about it! I think the major factor is that I don't feel silly doing it! So, I am still excited about it and hope I continue to be, seeing as I still have 87 days to go! lol

But, the biggest thing is the reasoning behind doing it. I am not looking to lose weight or anything, rather to tone up and get back into shape. I don't like how weak I feel all the time and want back that overall feeling I had back in college when I was working out regularly! Maybe I'll even get to a place where I actually like working out!!

3. I think I've mentioned before that living in the military community brings you together in a way most civilians don't get. I have friends who I haven't talked to in years, but they still matter to me, because once we were friends and helped each other get through some hard times. Because of the special bond developed between military wives, when something bad happens to a friend, even one you haven't talked to in years, you still feel pain for them.

Today, I found out a friend from our days in Germany lost her husband in Afghanistan this week. I didn't really know her husband, just met him a few times, but he seemed like a nice and reserved guy. I haven't talked to her since we left Germany almost 4 years ago. And now she is dealing with having to raise their two young kids on her own and live the rest of her life without her other half. My heart goes out to her and their family in this trying time.

But, I'm a big enough person to admit, but it is a very serious reminder that even when not being shot at, my husband is not safe while in his deployment. No matter how much I play off that he's in Iraq and that's not a 'real' deployment anymore, the fact is, that he is still at risk. So far his brigade has lost 7 people this deployment, the last five were asleep in their rooms, not out on a mission. Its scary having to deal with this fear on a daily basis. So, for me, I get through by ignoring the fear and believing "it won't happen to me!" (Which after John died, I learned very quickly, that's not true!) But, if I don't think about it, I'll make it with a minimum amount of breakdowns! And thus, far it has worked. Until days like today where I am Gibbs slapped back into reality and the harsh truth of what my husband faces daily is dropped like a glass of ice water right down my back!

So, for tonight, I will be an emotional mess, going back and forth between amazed at how quickly my children are growing and excited to see what they'll do next, to scared and sad worrying over my husband's safety. But hey, that's why I say its the Crazy Life of an Army Wife! And tomorrow, when the boys wake up, I will put my smile on and we will go about our day, as we count down one less day before Daddy is safely home where he belongs!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day Zero Project Starts Today!

Well, its been 5 days, but I finally got my list to 101 tasks I would like to complete in the next 1001 days! I think I covered just about every aspect of my life, and am really looking forward to checking things off the list! If you want to check it out, the link to my list is in my last post! I've added the list below also.  I think if I manage to complete every item on my list I will be a much better and happier person, wife, and mother!

1. Read 10 literary classics (0/10)
2. Try 5 new foods (0/5)
3. Visit three countries I have never been to before (0/3)
4. Graduate with my MAS
5. Get the truck painted
6. survive deployment
7. Visit Ireland
8. Start working out on a regular basis
9. Start volunteering on post
10. Take my boys to Disney and Sea World
11. Pay off credit cards completely
12. Read 1 book every month
13. Catch up both boys' scrapbooks
14. Ride a horse
15. Play at the beach with my entire family
16. Visit Alaska
17. Do at least 1 random act of kindness each month
18. take a weekend trip with just the hubby
19. Learn at least passable German
20. Read every book on my bookshelf
21. Visit the Grand Canyon
22. Get a tattoo
23. Go camping
24. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
25. Run a half marathon
26. Visit a state I've never been to before
27. Go to bed before 10pm every night for a week
28. Try a new recipe
29. Organize my itunes
30. Read the Bible
31. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
32. Watch a Cirque du Soleil show
33. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
34. Complete a Sudoku book
35. Have a romantic candlelit dinner
36. Blog at least once a week
37. Pick 5 people who have changed my life and write each of them a letter (0/5)
38. Assemble an emergency kit for the house
39. Color an entire coloring book
40. Fly in a helicopter
41. Do the 30 day song challenge
42. Donate to Toys for Tots
43. Donate $5 for each goal I do not complete
44. Donate my hair to Locks of Love
45. Treat my parents to lunch at a nice restaurant
46. Teach Keirnan the alphabet
47. Potty train both boys (0/2)
48. Take the boys to DC
49. Clean out the extra stuff in the house
50. Go to the top of Pike's Peak
51. Go to Garden of the Gods
52. Get a Friends of the Zoo membership
53. Go to a Ghost Town
54. Go Skydiving
55. Teach the boys to swim (0/2)
56. Take a Boat out on the Lake
57. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
58. Go to a concert
59. Stop Biting my Nails
60. Get rid of 100 things
61. Go bowling
62. Learn to snowboard
63. Send Christmas cards
64. Bake and decorate cupcakes
65. Join a sports team
66. Fly First Class
67. Play a round of golf
68. Make a Halloween costume
69. Find a community service project to be active in
70. Develop a workout routine
71. At least double amount in savings acct.
72. Attend Church Regularly
73. Send anonymous flowers to someone who is having a tough day
74. Back up all my music and pictures
75. Donate money to charity
76. Get a new mattress set
77. Learn to Control my Temper
78. Have a "Me" Day
79. Donate Blood
80. Play in the Snow with my Boys
81. See a movie in 3D
82. Inspire someone to make a 101/1001 list
83. Stop swearing for a whole month
84. Find and Buy my Perfect Little Black Dress
85. Make a weekly schedule of household chores
86. Get Passports for the Boys
87. Take a photo of a place through all four seasons
88. Write a love letter to my husband
89. Go to Universal Studios
90. Read Atlas Shrugged
91. Complete 7 goals in a week
92. Do the 200 Sit-up Challenge
93. Use the Wii Fit at least once a week
94. Make and follow a weekly exercise schedule
95. Cook 3+ Meals per Week for 3 straight months
96. Pay off my student loan
97. Have professional family photos taken
98. Bake someone a cake for no reason
99. Do a sponsored run / walk for charity
100. Go to a wine tasting event
101. Donate all my unwanted books to friends or to the local book store

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Day Zero Project

A friend started this and shared, and I really like the idea, so am going to try it out! I am still in the process of making my list, but am excited to see if I can finish everything on my list in the next 2.75 years! Wish me luck!!